Our first Golden was bought as a family pet. I looked at several breeds and chose a Golden Retriever because they make wonderful pets and are easy to train. I showed our first golden in obedience.

     Goldens are not a business for us – they are our companions. Our Goldens live in the house with us, not in a kennel. We only have a few Goldens and do not breed very often. Our limited breeding program has produced many breed Champions as well as dogs titled in obedience, field, tracking and agility and therapy dogs. With each carefully planned breeding, our goal is to produce a healthy dog that has a good temperament, natural retrieving instincts, and conforms to the Golden Retriever standard.

At present, our web site is still under construction.

Cathy and George Story
Fairfax Station, VA
E-mail: cathy@sunkota.com